Bring that GREEN back into the kitchen

We recently discussed how to inject on-trend green colors into the kitchen. For people who love greens, let’s move on to ideas for working the color into your kitchen. Green is a natural choice for kitchens because so many of the foods we cook and eat are also green, and bring to mind words like fresh, rejuvenating and healthy. There are a multitude of green colors to choose from as well as a number of ways to use them. Here are eight great examples of kitchens that embrace green.

 Of course if you are a green-loving cook, you may want to go all in with the color in your kitchen. I especially like the unexpected dashes of it here — on the interior back panels of the wall and base cabinets as well as on the fireplace brick. My eye dances around with delight taking in the bits of fun green dispersed throughout the space.

Green isn’t just for modern or contemporary kitchens. This transitional-style kitchen features a more toned-down green on the base cabinets. Where the previous kitchen screamed “party,” this one is crisp, soothing and elegant.

When the fixed elements in your kitchen are neutral, you can really bring the zing with color or keep it pretty and restrained, as is the case here. Using color in low-commitment ways — for example, through a painted accent wall or furnishings — gives you flexibility to easily change the look.



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Windermere Economic Forum at JUMP with Chief Economist Matthew Gardner

Last Thursday Southern Idaho’s  Windermere brokerages hosted Chief Economist Matthew Gardner.   Gardner came to Boise, Idaho  to share the economic recap for 2018 and the FORECAST into the future!  Boise is in great shape, over 100 months of job growth for our area!  25% of our market sales were millennials.  The area is considered full employment.  According to Gardner we should be seeing good growth for the next year too.  He predicts the  next correction in the market will not look anything like the last market crash.


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Raft Trip Summer 2018… Can hardly wait for next summer’s float trip!

Now that Fall is here I am thinking about all the fun we had at our Windermere Boise Valley agent raft trip this summer.  We took an afternoon from hectic real estate and floated the Boise River! Just over two hours of smooth paddling in a raft, with plenty of time to look at wildlife, homes along the bank, and best of all, great conversation!   Looking forward to next year’s trip!


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It’s time for the Annual Coat Drive

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